My New Job

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Can’t believe that I’ve been at my new job for nearly 2 weeks already. It’s a lovely place to work, everyone is so friendly and it’s like an Aladdin's cave of goodies. They sell fabrics, haberdashery, patterns, card and scrapbooking stuff, ribbons, beautiful buttons and more plus run classes all through the year.

The website is going through a re-vamp, but you can always email or phone if you are interested in buying anything.

Eternal Maker 1
Eternal Maker 2


  1. How fab is that Kerry - how do you manage not to spend all your wages - that would be my downfall! Cheers Claire x

  2. OH NO KERRY!!! Its a very real problem working in a craft shop when you are a crafter!!! I am so glad you love it!!!

  3. Oh Kerry it's looks wonderful and so inviting, has your purse managed to stay closed. So please your enjoying yourself, what a fab job
    Fi xx

  4. Oh my what a wonderful place you work. Look at all those lovely fabrics!! I bet you don't think of ways to avoid going to work on Mondays. haha.
    I think I'd be broke inside a week.



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