Fantastic Holiday

Thursday, 16 June 2011

We had a fantastic holiday, cycled all over the place, lovely walks and the weather was fab too. We don't normally have any mishaps on holiday, but I managed to take a single duvet cover instead of a double!! Then tried to undo a lock with the wrong key which jammed tight, thankfully Roger managed to get it out, but not until after I'd managed to ask the neighbour in my limited French for the spare one. Then the battery on the car died - 160€. Plus on the way home, we decided to go cross-country, got stuck behind tractors and lorries, so to make up time, Roger put his foot down, we got stopped by a very jolly policeman - 90€ on the spot fine!!

Here are a few of pics of some of the things saw and got up to.

Malleyrand June 2011 (76)

I can't get away from the washing, even when I'm on holiday. Using the Lavoir at Massignac (for those not familiar with French, it's not a toilet, but where the villagers used to do their washing) .

Malleyrand June 2011 (15)

View from the Resistance Memorial across to Chasseneuil and beyond.

Malleyrand June 2011 (70) Me and Rog

Enjoying a picnic at the Lacs de Haute Charente

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  1. A few unfortunate things, but it looks like you enjoyed the rest of the hol. Fab pictures. TFS.

    Hugs, Sandra


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