A Taste of the Alps

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Montgenevre looks so different without snow, but the snow gives way to beautiful flowers, insects and animals. The landscape is transformed to lush green but the mountains look cold and grey, such a contrast. What’s odd is that runs we ski down look so much steeper without snow on them. We’ve never seen a Marmot (2nd photo) because they hibernate in winter, but we saw them everywhere this time. We snapped this Marmot looking out of the window of a deserted cottage. He had made himself quite at home. We’ve also seen hundreds of Crickets in lots of different colours. They are all over the slopes and scatter everywhere as you walk. Hope you like the photos I’ve taken, I just snapped at what took my fancy.


Marmot 1
Flower 1
White Flowers
Pine Cone

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  1. Fantastic pictures Kerry. Looks like you're having a great time x


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